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& FAQs

Before using your drone, check out the terms of service and FAQ information on this page.

These are frequently asked questions about our rental plans. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns at: or via the chatbot.


Follow the Rules

You might need flight permission and photography permission depending on the area you plan to fly in, and some areas are totally restricted. Any person violating laws and regulations will be fined, so make sure you know where to fly!


Accidents & Damage

Liability insurance is included in all rental plans (both personal bodily injury and equipment damage compensation up to 100 million yen). However, you are requested to pay the cost of repair up to the deductible amount specificed, if the equipment is damaged or broken when you return it.​

​*Please ensure you contact us immediately if an accident occurs.


Cancellation Fees

A cancellation fee may be incurred depending on terms of use (and time of cancellation). The additional Flight Permissions / Shooting Permission Application Agency service can only be cancelled upto 24 hours of booking.


Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions: (Customer

Terms of service

In the following Terms of Service, "Dorosatsu !!" is referred to as "A" and the user (customer) is referred to as "B".


[Terms and Conditions]

1. About the rental period

The rental period refers to the rental period requested by B and approved by A.
We will send the equipment so that it arrives at the address specified by you by the day of the rental start date.
You can use it from the arrival of the drone equipment to the last day of the rental period. However, you will be required to return the item to the address specified by us on the last day of your rental period.

Every time the return date of the equipment is delayed, Second Party (B) shall pay First Party (A) an extra fee per day the return is delayed.
(The extra late charge is the amount stated on the product page, or otherwise the standard amount per day of rental x 1.5 will be the extra late charge)
In addition, this charge structure does not apply if there are extraneous or unique circumstances such as natural disasters.


2. Regarding equipment failure, malfunction, damage, etc. before delivery


 1) Obligation to confirm condition of equipment after arrival
 We check the operation of the equipment carefully before we send it to you, but in the unlikely event that there is a problem,  such as the equipment not working after arrival, you are responsible for notifying us immediately after arrival. In the event that  you do not notify us, we will assume that you are responsible for the condition of the equipment.

 2) When equipment breaks down, malfunctions, or damage occurs during use
 If the equipment needs to be repaired due to an accident such as a fall or collision, B will be responsible for the repair,

 regardless of whether it is intentional or accidental damage.
 The cost shall be paid by B to A. Please be sure to check the amount that you will pay to us as it is stated on the product page.
 If it is not stated on the product page, B will pay the actual cost to A up to 250,000 yen.
 If you intentionally or grossly negligently do not comply with the procedure requested by us, you will pay us the same amount

 as the loss provision of Clause 3.

 A non-operation charge (0.5% of the purchase price of the aircraft / day) may be charged depending on the condition and

 amount of damage.

 3) Response in the event of an accident
 Second Party shall notify First Party immediately after the accident occurs, and follow First Party's instructions.

 If you do not follow the instructions of A, or promptly
 If you do not contact us, you will pay us the same amount as the loss provision of Clause 3.

3. About loss of equipment


If the equipment is lost during the rental period of Second Party (B), Second Party (B) shall pay First Party (A) the amount stated on the product page.
If not stated on the product page, B will pay 250,000 yen to A. In addition, Second Party will submit a loss report to the police station and notify First Party (A) of the receipt number of the report.

4. About accessories and optional equipment


If the optional equipment such as the battery or propeller is damaged or lost, B will pay the amount up to 100% of the products original cost to A.

5. About the usage methods and prohibited use

Do not use the equipment for the following purposes:
・ Use in races, etc.

・ Dangerous photography, etc. approaching the target person or object closely

・ Use outside Japan without prior declaration
・ Flight in areas where flight is prohibited

・ Use in strong winds or rainy weather

If there is any damage due to the above conditions or prohibited use, Second Party (B) shall pay First Party (A) the same amount as the loss provision of Clause 3. (If there is a possibility of risky or dangerous use, please contact us in advance to inform us)

6. About copyrights and copyrighted works

The copyright of the photographed material taken using the equipment of A belongs to B.

Second Party (B) agrees to all data such as from the microSD card being formatted (deleted)  by First Party (A) if data remains after the returned equipment is returned to First Party (A).

7. Cancellation fee


・ Drone rental cancellation
 From 10 days to 2 days before the start date of use / rental period ... the cancellation fee is 30% of total
 The day before start of rental period ... the cancellation fee is 70% of total
 On the day of or beyond start of rental period ... 100% of the rental fee is charged

・ Flight application agency service / shooting permission agency service
 Cancellation within 24 hours after application ... Free
 Beyond 24 hours after your application ... Cancellation is not possible (because of the start of the application process)


In all cases, Cancellation processing is performed after confirmation of payment by the credit card payment company, so it may take up to 2 months.

In addition, we may ask you to confirm your identity, credit, flight location, flight purpose, etc. when you use the service for the first time.

Please note that the application may be canceled depending on the result of the initial confirmation check.

8. About payment of charges

Second Party (B) shall pay the rental usage fee, deposit of 50,000 yen and incidental fees by the method specified by First Party (A).

The same applies to additional expenses such as extra late charges, and we (A) shall be able to charge (withdraw) the expenses via the credit card registered by Second Party (B).

9. About compensation for damages


 1) About your liability
 In the unlikely event that damage is caused to a third party, etc. during the management and use of the equipment by Second

 Party (B), the damage will be compensated to the third party, etc. at the expense of Second Party (B).
 If a third party makes a claim to us (A) for damages caused during the management and use by you (B), we shall be able to

 claim the cost from you (B).
 However, for some products designated by us, we may be able to cover damages to third parties, etc. for you with the

 insurance included.
 If there is a possibility of being covered by insurance, Second Party (B) shall follow the instructions of First Party (A) and the

 insurance company designated by First Party (A).
 Whether to apply insurance shall be decided by A or the insurance company designated by A, and if B is not covered by

 insurance,regardless of the reason, B shall be responsible for compensation for damages to the third party.


 If you (B) do not return the product without contacting us (A) in advance, we (A) will charge 3,000 yen per day as an operating

 damage separate from the extended late fee.

 2) About the scope of responsibility of A
 The upper limit of the amount of compensation that can be requested from A for the damage suffered by B is the settled

 rental fee.
 We shall not be liable for any damages caused by using the additional Sora Pass service provided by Blue Innovation Co., Ltd.,

 directly or indirectly.

10. Disclaimer


Although we take the utmost care in updating this site and the content therein, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content described.
It is the responsibility of the second party (B) to utilize the information provided, and the first party (A) does not take any responsibility.
The same applies to the interpretation of the law, and the investigation of related laws and regulations shall be conducted at the responsibility of Second Party (B), and First Party (A) shall not be liable for it.

The online safety training curriculum and tests provided in the application process of this service are only for examining the basic understanding you have in order to use your drone rental.
We do not provide any guarantee about the level of your skills and knowledge related to your drone.

If you operate a drone rented by you through this service and damage a third party or assets owned by the third party,
If you received a complaint from a third party, if you violated a law, or if you applied for a flight according to the "Guidelines for Examining Permission / Approval for Flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,
If you do not get a flight permit, we will not be held responsible.

11. Consensus court of jurisdiction


For proceedings in the event of a dispute, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive authority with jurisdiction in such a case.

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